Thursday, February 6

Star Trek: Into Dorkness

Wow! Talk about quick service.

Momma made this Custom Request from Mini Me Dolly Divas on Sunday (hoping for May 31 delivery) and it's done by Thursday!

Custom order for Great (Love the typo!)

This is a truly inspired special order. I just can't help but smile when I look at this... Live Long and Prosper...

This is not recommended for small children.

This outfit includes t-shirt, leggings, hat, bustle skirt, and Jacket.
What you will receive:

THE JACKET- The jacket is fully lined with Enterprise fabric and has button has button detail, trimmed with black and closes in the front with snaps.

THE SKIRT- Bustle skirt has a Star Trek print , and a coordinating Enterprise print skirt and closes in the back with a snap.

THE HAT- The hat is black with a Star Trek print little band around the top, it is finished off with a fabric bow, and feathers. This hat is fully lined.

THE T-SHIRT- Machine embroidered t-shirt closes in the back with velcro.

THE LEGGINGS- Jersey knit leggings have an elastic waistband.

I am going to be the best dressed any0ne at Phoenix Comicon!