Saturday, February 22

Fifty shades of green

I am now, officially, a Work of Art.

If you don't believe me, I have been asked to be part of the LepreCon 40 Art Show.

Dear Artist,

We would like to invite you personally to show your art in the LepreCon 40 art show. LepreCon 40 will be May 8th-11th at the Phoenix Mesa Marriot Hotel in Mesa, Arizona.

This year our artist guest of honor will be Daniel Davis of Steam Crow, Artist Alfred Trujillo, Gail Carriger, and Cara Nicole.

Gail Carriger?! Swoon! I shall have to bring my Unusually Stout Parasol.

(I am honored to be in such excellent company. Momma's friend Jennifer Roberson was a Guest of Honor at LepreCon 12 in 1986.)

LepreCon is an annual Phoenix-area science fiction convention (Con) with an emphasis on art. It is the second oldest science fiction convention in Arizona. The first LepreCon was March 14-16, 1975,
St. Patrick's Day weekend, thus inspiring the name of the convention, a pun on leprechaun. 
Wow. First the Renaissance Faire, then Geeks Night Out, and now being asked to be a Work of Art at LepreCon 40.

Can this week get any better?

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